Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ed-Tech Gladiator Challenge: David vs. David

Part of my responsibilities working for an state education agency (SEA) is to participate in the State Educational Technology Director's Association (SETDA) events prior to NECC. The SETDA events are usually fun, enjoyable and full of learning.

One new session this year to our event list is the Ed-Tech Gladiator Action Plan Challenge set for 11:30 am - 1:30 pm on Sunday, June 29. From the looks of the session description, it appears Mary Ann Wolf and the SETDA staff have done a great job in not only securing two top notch speakers, but have also created a participatory event for SETDA members and its corporate partners.

Below is a brief overview of the session. Let me know if this is something you might enjoy or if you have any BOLD Action Plan recommendations I need to take with me to the event!

Ed-Tech Gladiator Action Plan Challenge

Mary Ann Wolf – Opening on the Class of 2020 Action Plan & Introduction

David Vs. David:
David Thornburg and David Warlick will each have 20 minutes to provide a insights on education that is both futuristic & inspiring Presentation.

Gladiators Action Plan Challenge: Dare to be Bold! Two teams of 8 to 9 tables. Each table will receive ONE of the following topics to consider:

  • Powerful Broadband Access for All: Breaking through the Barriers
  • Empowering Teachers: A Professional and Collaborative Approach
  • STEM Education: Achievement and Innovation
  • Individual Learning for Every Child: Data Usage for Personalized Instruction
  • Accelerating Change through Systemic Reform
  • Robust, Rigorous, & Right-on-Time Learning through Online Courseware
  • Systemic Reform Models (TIP, eMINTS, IMPACT, etc.)

The Action Plan Challenge Goal: To come up with one action step per topic that crystallizes a solid, bold, action step that will help policy makers create district, state and national legislation.

Each David will push their groups by walking by tables and asking challenge questions to get the groups thinking boldly. Each table will pre-assigned with half corporate executives and SETDA members for a nice mix.