Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 List of 21st Century Skills

Have not blogged in, well, quite a while although I have composed many in my head since October.

Now, here is one I found via my RSS regarding the 21st Century Skills and thought this was just way tooooooo funny! These are not my ideas, but they are fun none the less.


Top 10 List of 21st Century Skills
10) Driving in the fast lane instead of using it as a passing lane.

9) Talking on your cell while shopping.

8) Knowing where all the buttons are in the dark and what they do on 4 different remotes.

7) Talking on your cell while backing out of a driveway and negotiating through turns, lights and traffic.

6) Working with the public in a customer service related job and speaking while never opening your mouth or articulating and/or never using standard English.

5) Walking with a friend while talking/texting to another friend on your cell phone.

4) Listening to rap, enjoying it, rapping along with it and understanding it.

3) Knowing where all your tatoos are and what they mean.

2) Doing your homework/business in a noisy crowded coffee house and staying there for 4 hours after only spending $2.

1) Avoiding cell phone camera exposure when doing bong hits on a university campus.